Eye Relaxed Water Massager

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  • Eye Relaxed Water Massager

Quickly reduce bags, dark circles and wrinkles
Perfect for long hour computer user

  • Massaging around the eyes stimulate the nerves, reduce eyestrain, stress, headaches and fatigue
  • the massager also stimulates blood circulation and activates the muscle fibers around the eyes, which helps to increase resistance to eye diseases and to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Regain consciousness by cold water while promote blood circulation using warm water
  • Gently massage skins with light water vibration
  • Massage around face stimulates the nerves, stress, headaches and fatigue

How to use: Add water in teh round crown, turn on the switch! Press the eyelid gently, massage it every 10 minutes.

1. Clean massager head using water with soft cloth. DO NOT use gas or alcohol.
2. Stop using in unsuitable skin condition.
3. Take off glasses before using.
4. Do Not pull massager head or knock it against other objects.
5. Do Not use hot water over 122 F or liquid other than water.
6. Empty water for storage.

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