Celtic Flake River Salt, 5.3Oz

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  • Super I our purity - No Additives - with no bleaches or additives, the salt retains all its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation.
  • Superior taste – Delicious soft crunchy salt flakes - Add to any dish to give it a Mediterranean touch and flavor.
  • Eco FRIENDLY packaging - There is no plastic in this packaging. Made with a nature flex bag, a 100% compostable cellulose Derivative that does not harm the environment.
  • Superior nutrition – a perfect balance of natural minerals. Unrefined and is precisely made as nature planned it. Salt flakes from natural brine.
This beautiful flake salt was extracted naturally from a salt spring found inland near Alicante, Spain. The salt has been isolated from outside impurities and preserved in an underground River from Alicante, which is the reason for its remarkable taste. Family owned business Since 1976 keeping tradition and innovation. Hand harvested. A perfect balance of minerals and with no additives.

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