R1 Mass Gainer 8 Servings Chocolate Fudge 5.73 lbs

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  • High Calorie Weight Gainer
  • Over 1,220 calories!
  • 40g all-whey protein
  • 250g+ complex carb blend
  • Creatine and MCT enhanced
  • 9g naturally-occurring BCAAs
  • ZERO Creamers
  • ZERO Spiking
  • ZERO Soy Protein
  • ZERO Banned Substances

With over 1,220 calories, more than 250g carbohydrates, and 40g protein from three types of whey, R1 Mass Gainer puts you in charge of transforming to XXL. The 6:1 carb-to-protein ratio in this calorie-packed formula can help you pack on desired pounds.

Suggested Use

HOW TO USE IT Anytime R1 Gain™ should be combined with a balanced diet, resistance exercise, and used as a substitute for one or more of your daily protein shakes when extra calories are desired. Mixing Directions Mix two (2) scoops of R1 Gain™ with 14-16 oz. of water, milk, or your favorite beverage in a shaker cup or large glass. Shake or stir it up! Alternate Suggested Mix In a blender, add your favorite fruit and ice to the above, mix, and enjoy a protein-fortified fruit smoothie!


Contains: Milk And Soy

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