Vibrant Health Spectrum Vibrance powder, 184.2g (6.5 oz)

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  • A full spectrum of phytonutrients and antioxidant activity
  • Maintains a balanced gut microbiome
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism

Our Spectrum Vibrance formula combines nutrients from nearly 40 fruits and vegetables (that’s over 4 servings!), providing soluble and insoluble fiber, a full spectrum of trace nutrients, plant compounds, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, once each day - or more often if you would like - mix one scoop (enclosed) of Spectrum Vibrance into 4 to 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Stir briskly. Drink and prosper.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

per Serving
% Daily
Total Carbohydrate5 g2%
Dietary Fiber1 g4%
Total Sugars1 g
Protein0.5 g<1%
Vitamin A (from plant carotenoids)85 mcg (284 IU)9%
Vitamin C (from plants)52 mg58%
Calcium (from plants)25 mg2%
Iron (from plants)1.5 mg8%
Vitamin E1.36 mg (2.03 IU)9%
Vitamin K (from plants)17 mcg14%
Sodium10 mg<1%
Potassium50 mg1%
Goji berry juice powder certified organic300 mg*
Raspberry fruit powder certified organic300 mg*
Camu Camu 20% natural vitamin C extract200 mg*
Cranberry whole fruit certified organic200 mg*
Strawberry fruit powder freeze dried200 mg*
Tomato fruit powder150 mg*
Pomegranate whole fruit 40% ellagic acid standardized extract50 mg*
Cranberry 30% organic acids standardized extract20 mg*
Goji berry 40% polyphenols standardized extract20 mg*
Raspberry 20% ellagic acid standardized extract20 mg*
Lycopene from 100 mg of 5% beadlets5 mg*
Astaxanthin from 267 mg Haematococcus pluvialis4 mg*
Apricot fruit powder300 mg*
Carrot juice powder certified organic200 mg*
Carrot root powder certified organic200 mg*
Papaya fruit juice powder200 mg*
Peach fruit powder200 mg*
Pear whole fruit powder200 mg*
Marigold flowr 5% lutein extract (10 mg ele.)200 mg*
Curcuminoids 95% standardized extract100 mg*
Turmeric Root powder100 mg*
Brussels sprout powder200 mg*
Green cabbage powder200 mg*
Kale leaf powder200 mg*
Moringa leaf powder200 mg*
Parsley leaf & stem powder certified organic200 mg*
Broccoli sprouts powder freeze dried certified organic50 mg*
Gynostemma pentophylum 98% gypenosides std extract30 mg*
Prune (Plum) powder300 mg*
Blueberry fruit powder certified organic220 mg*
Acai fruit juice powder certified organic100 mg*
Blackberry fruit powder certified organic200 mg*
Acai fruit 4:1 ext200 mg*
Elderberry fruit 10:1 extract100 mg*
Phycocyanin 20% pure phycocyanin powder60 mg*
Plum fruit skin 50% polyphenols standardized extract25 mg*
Grape skin 30% polyphenols standardized extract20 mg*
Bilberry fruit 4:1 extract20 mg*

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