Lucky 26 - The 26th order of each day is FREE!

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Lucky “26” :

TIME: 19th-25th

RULES: The 26th user who places an order every day is "Lucky 26" on that day. Lucky 26 will get full cash back of the order amount. In addition, 10 lucky customers will get 30% discount on hot-selling products every day. Coupons.
MAXIMUM: USD 500. If the lucky customer "26" orders more than $500 on the day, we will provide a maximum free amount of $500.
NOTE: During the event, if the 26th customer on the day has already obtained the right to waive the bill, the 25th customer on the day will get the free right.


Black Friday carnival

TIME: Black Friday

RULES: The top three with the highest order amount and two other random lucky customers will get a free order. Random 50 customers get 50% discount on hot-selling products.
NOTE: Enjoy carnival


To be announced...





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