Annemarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Protective Day Cream - 50 ml

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  • Soothing. Relaxing.
  • For sensitive, younger skin.
  • Vegetarian.

ZZ Sensitive Day by Annemarie Borlind 1.7 oz Cream ZZ Sensitive Day 1.7 oz Cream Product The combination of protective stengthening and balancing herbal active ingredients increases the resistance of the skin calms and smooths stressed skin. It helps to prevent premature ageing moisturizes the skin and leaves it relaxed. Ideal as a base for makeup. Can also be used for skin with enlargened capillaries. Active Ingredients Allantoin
  • Relieves skin irritations tones refreshes Althea
  • Neutralizes irritants and calms allergic reactions Balm Mint Extract (Melissa Officinalis)
  • Calms and soothes Bisabolol
  • Calms inflammation Chamomile (Matricaria)
  • Calms sensitive skin Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)
  • Tones and strengthens Sage (Salva Officinalis)
  • Protects tones and soothes inflammation Sorbitol
  • Hydrates and binds moisture St. John's Wort Oil (Hypericum Perforatum)
  • Tones stimulates cell regeneration firms Wheat Germ Oil
  • Smooths and moisturizes Facial Moisturizer Treatment For del

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