Carlson Super Daily D3 1000IU 1oz

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  • HEART & IMMUNE SUPPORT: Vitamin D3 helps enhance our immunity power and plays an important role in promoting heart health.
  • TEETH, BONE & MUSCLE HEALTH: Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption, which is important for strong bones and teeth, and muscle function.
  • 1,000 IU VITAMIN D3: A single drop delivers 1,000 IU (25 mcg) of vitamin D3, which can be placed in food or a drink, or directly on your tongue.
  • 365 DROPS: Each bottle provides 365 unflavored drops
  • one for every day of the year.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED SINCE 1965: All Carlson products are tested by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory for potency and quality.

Our bodies produce vitamin D3 following sun exposure, which is why it's often called the "sunshine vitamin." Changing seasons, heavy clothing, and sunscreen can make it difficult to get enough sun. And while it's possible to get vitamin D3 through our diets, few food sources contain enough vitamin D3 for most of us to reach the recommended daily intake. For those who have difficulty getting their vitamin D, a supplement may be a great option.

A single drop of Super Daily D3 provides our bodies with the daily dose of D they need for optimal health. Vitamin D3 promotes teeth, bone, and muscle health; healthy immune and cardiovascular system function; and calcium absorption. Super Daily D3 is unflavored and has no aftertaste, so it's loved by children and adults alike. And with 365 servings per bottle, there's a drop for every day of the year. Place a drop in food or a drink or directly on your tongue.


1) One highly concentrated liquid drop provides 1,000 IU (150 mcg) of vitamin D3.

2) Our advanced dropper technology allows a perfectly measured drop to be released from the bottle. Each bottle contains a one-year supply.

3) Super Daily D3 is unflavored and can be placed in food or directly on the tongue.

4) Simply hold the bottle upside down until a perfectly measured drop is dispensed. There is no need to shake the bottle.

This dropper technology removes the risk of contamination from rubber droppers.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 drop (0.001 fl oz/0.028 ml)
Amount per drop % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1,000 IU 250%

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