DailyVita Homemade Hand Sanitizer Kit: 70% Alcohol Spray Bottle Tea Tree Oil Lemon Oil Orange Oil & Jojoba Oil

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  • Great natural hand sanitzer
  • Mix in convenient 2 oz spray bottle
  • Makes approximately 16 two ounce bottles
  • Sanitize your hands and moisturize with jojoba oil
  • Smells great!

Make your own great smelling hand sanitizer at home! This kit includes 32 oz of rubbing alcohol, 3 bottles of 1 oz Jojoba oil, 1 oz of lemon essential oil, 1 oz of orange essential oil, 1 oz of tea tree essential oil, 3 pipettes, and a 2 oz spray bottle.

To make your own hand sanitzer at home:


In a 2 oz spray bottle mix:

  • - 10 drops Jojoba Oil
  • - 2 oz Alcohol
  • - 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • - 5 drops orange essential oil
  • - 5 drops tea tree essential oil

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