NOW Supplements, Super Colostrum 500 mg, Naturally occurring Immunoglobulins with ImmunEnhancer™, Olive Leaf Extract and Astragalus Root, 90 Veg Capsules

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  • Naturally occurring Immunoglobulins
  • With ImmunEnhancer, Olive Leaf Extract and Astragalus Root

NOW Super Colostrum combines colostrum with the herbal ingredients, larch arabinogalactan, olive leaf and astragalus to maximize immune system support.* Colostrum has naturally occurring immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and IgA, which are important immunological proteins for both animals and humans.* In addition, NOW has also included eleuthero to support a healthy response to typical, everyday stress.* Natural color variation may occur in this product.

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