Lunette Menstrual Cup Clear Size 1


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  • LUNETTE is designed with you in mind - so effortlessly comfy, you won't miss out on your favorite activities every month. And now you don't have to miss out on having your favorite cup in your favorite color! The stylish pouch holds your cup, and fits conveniently into your handbag. Lunette lives where you do: in your home or your handbag, so 'tampon runs' are a thing of the past. Love life, and love Lunette - for nicer periods, no strings attached!
  • LUNETTE Cup Model 1 is our choice for menstruators with light to moderate flow, or who are younger, or have not experienced intercourse. All Lunette menstrual cups are soft and pliable, however, Lunette Cup Model 1 is made of softer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 2.
  • MADE IN FINLAND of the highest medical-grade, FDA approved silicone.
  • SAFE - wear it up to 12 hours and overnight!

The Lunette Menstrual Cup

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is the future of period care. Its your user-friendly, safe, reusable, and eco-logical alternative to pads and tampons. Plus, using Lunette menstrual cups helps you rack up good karma points by protecting the environment and your purse strings offering peace of mind and a stress-free cycle.

Youre all set with Lunette: just fold, insert like a tampon, and let it do its thing. Lunette menstrual cups collects fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy. You empty it rather than change it, wash it, and reuse it. You never Ëœrun out of Lunette (like tampons) because it runs around with you: in a pretty, convenient pouch (in case youre early) or in you, during your cycle. Relax, with Lunette menstrual cups, you can lose the leaks, and live your life.

Welcome to the future of period care

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