Chamomile flowers in bath tub for sunburn

We all know and love a good Cuppa chamomile tea for relaxing and calming a busy mind at the end of a long day, but did you know that applying chamomile topically helps to soothe and relax the skin and combat heat rash? Here are a few ways in which you can use chamomile as a natural remedy to sunburn and heat rash.


Chamomile tea bag cold press

Tea leaves are loaded with antioxidants, tannins, polyphenols, theobromine and several other key ingredients that help soothe, relax and heal the skin all while serving as a natural anti-inflammatory ridding the skin of any redness and itching or burning sensations.


For small areas of rash or sunburn, add 2-3 chamomile tea bags to boiled water.

 Now Foods Organic Chamomile tea

Let it sit for 20-25 minutes.

Remove from the water when lukewarm.

Gently press a tea bag onto each affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes for the skin to absorb.

For best results, repeat a couple of times during the day.


Chamomile tea bath

Looking for a full body solution for heat rash or sunburn? We’ve got you covered with this relaxing chamomile tea bath recipe!

Ingredients and Directions:

Add 6-8 Chamomile tea bags to boiled water.

Let it sit for 20-25 minutes.

Run a relaxing, lukewarm bath and infuse the chamomile tea into the bath water.

Optional: Add in a 10-15 drops of chamomile essential oil for increased relief.

NOW Foods Chamomile Essential oil

Enjoy this skin-soothing bath and allow your skin to soak up all the chamomile goodness to get you ready for the last few sun-filled days of the summer.

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