Celtic Potassium Pink Cave Salt Extra Fine Grain Natural Light In Sodium 10.6Oz

Celtic Sea SaltSKU: 7310807



  • Superior nutrition – Unrefined, naturally higher in potassium (6% of your daily value per serving), and lower in sodium than regular table salt, this ancient Cave sea salt is precisely made as nature planned it.
  • Super I our purity - No Additives – with no bleaches or additives, the salt retains all its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation.
  • Superior taste - Add to any dish without compromising your sodium restrictions, to give an added flavor.
  • Eco FRIENDLY packaging - There is no plastic in this packaging. Made with a nature flex bag, a 100% compostable cellulose Derivative that does not harm the environment.
  • A kitchen staple - use this all-purpose Pink Salt for all your cooking and baking needs – or for a seasoning at the table.
Fossil River pink potassium Cave salt originated millions of years ago, seven hundred meters deep in the vicinity of Catalonia, Spain. This pink Salt is preserved in the mountain now known as salt Mountain. This salt is naturally higher in potassium containing 6% of your daily value per ¼ tsp. Compared to table salt, This salt has 400 mg of sodium per ¼ teaspoon, whereas table salt contains 575 mg per ¼ teaspoon. The Celtic Sea Salt product range encompasses the most exotic salts in the world introducing now a new selection of the finest fossil River salts, a range of salts that enhance the flavors and textures of any dish.

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