Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus Kids Probiotic + Prebiotic Sugar Free Natural Raspberry Flavor 1 Billion Live Bacteria 60 Chewable Tablets

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  • No Refrigeration Necessary
  • Supports Intestinal and Immune Health
  • 1 Billion Live Bacteria Guaranteed with Clinically Documented Strains
  • Probiotic Supplement
  • Xylitol is Used to Enhance the Taste and Support Dental Health

Live Bacteria Guarantee Jarrow Formulas® Probiotics are formulated to ensure the number of live probiotic bacteria are guaranteed by the best used date, and not at "time of manufacture." Jarro-Dophilus® Kids provides 4 clinically documented strains of beneficial bacteria in a yummy chewable tablet. Beneficial intestinal flora can be negatively affected or reduced by a diet that is low in fiber, high in animal protein, the use of medications, travel and stress, etc. The result is disruption of the intestinal microflora, which can negatively affect gastrointestinal function and well being. The friendly bacteria in Jarro-Dophilus® Kids help maintain a balanced intestinal microflora, support immune function and promote health. Blister Packed Protects Probiotic Bacteria from Moisture and Oxygen for Superior Stability Each tablet is individually blister packed for enhanced stability and convenience. Strains Matter™: When it comes to effective probiotics, clinically documented Strains Matter™

Suggested Use

Chew 2 tablets, during or shortly after a meal. Recommended for children age 2 and above under the supervision of a parent or caregiver. May take up to 4 tablets a day or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.


Keep out of the reach of children. Does not require refrigeration and best to store in cool, dry place. Avoid storage at temperature above 77°F (25° C).

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